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K.ENG LLC provides structural consulting services to a wide variety of clients including private owners, architects, contractors, commercial entities, religious entities, and miscellaneous business professionals. We work with most building materials including: concrete, structural steel, masonry (brick and block), wood, aluminum, and light gage framing (metal studs, etc.) We are well versed in new construction, adaptive reuse, historic structures, forensic investigation, building envelops (water infiltration issues,) and Chicago style porches. We have non-destructive investigation tools such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, digital borescopes, etc. to help complete our condition assessments, forensic inspections, and renovation/alteration projects on existing buildings.
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We feel that the best time to take advantage of our knowledge and experience is at the beginning of a project especially during the planning and layout stages. During these early periods, the architectural features and functionality are usually the most flexible allowing for the possibility of incorporating the most optimal and cost effective structural component or system into the project.
Your projects are only as good as the contractor and sub-contractors that build them. That is why in addition to design and consulting services, we also offer construction administration services that help assure quality projects for the client. We also have the ability to assist the client in finding other design professionals, such as architects and geotechnical engineers, and contractors to complete the project.
We offer the following structural services:
  General Structural Consulting   Structural Analysis and Design   Services

-   Feasibility Studies   -   New Construction Projects
  -   Structural Engineer’s Reports**   -   Renovation Projects  
  -   Condition Assessment Reports**   -   Alteration Projects  
  -   Expert Opinion   -   Repair Projects

-   Peer Review (Chicago Certified)   -   Facade Projects
    ** Greater Chicago area only   -   Earth Retention Projects (steel sheet piling)
  Project Administration   Construction Administration
  -   Schematic Documents   -   Field Observations with Written Reports Verifying Conformance with the Structural Documents.
  -   Permit Documents  
  -   Construction Documents   -   Shop Drawing Review of Structural Components.
  -   Project Specifications   -   Field Repair Designs for Resolving Contractor Errors.
      -   Addressing Contractor’s Requests for Information
New Construction