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In looking to be more eco-friendly, here at the office of K.ENG LLC we have decided to adopt environmentally friendly standards of operation including but not limited to:

  1. Encouraging the use of green transportation such using public transportation, walking, biking, etc. when commuting to the office or when possible when traveling to meetings, job sites, etc.
  2. Reducing face-to-face meetings by utilizing electronic communication such as email and our own  in house client and contractor access portal, ftp uploads,  etc. and by using cell and office phones.  Thereby also reducing transportation by K.ENG LLC personnel and other involved parties.
  3. Reducing paper usage by using pdf file formats for drawings and documents.  Printing only when necessary.
  4. Using recycled paper for our in-house printing.
  5. Recycling office paper ,computer printer ink, and old cell phones
  6. Using rechargeable batteries in office and field electronics.
  7. Donating no longer used office electronics including older printers, desktop computers, and laptops to not-for-profit organizations.