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Below is a summary of answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive
on a daily basis:
1. Does K.ENG work on small residential or commercial projects?
Yes, we generally do accept small residential and commercial projects depending on our current schedule and project backlog.
2. Are you contractors, architects, or land surveyors?
  No, we are not contractors, architects, or land surveyors.
3. Can you refer us contractors or architects for our project?
In most cases, we can provide you contact information for contractors and architects.
Does K.ENG charge for visiting a project in order to complete a proposal for the work required?
We do not charge for visiting a site for us to complete our proposal for services. However we do charge for conditional assessments which include site visits and written reports qualifying the required structural repair work for a particular project.
5. Can you refer us other structural engineers when you are unable to take on our job?
No, we generally do not provide referrals for structural engineers.  We would suggest contacting the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois (
6. How do you charge for your services on your projects?
The majority of our projects are billed on a lump sum basis billed out as percentage of work completed while additional services for a particular project are generally billed out on an hourly rate.
7. How can I insure that my project will be built according to your drawings, sketches, specifications, etc.?
Hire a contractor based on competency and not on price and hire K.ENG to provide construction administration services which can include shop drawing review and construction observations with written reports.
City of Chicago Permitting / Citations:
8. Can you help me with a building violation notice?
Yes we can help you with issues relating to bearing walls, framing and other structural issues by completing the necessary engineers report or other required permit documents. Please call us to check on our availability.
9. Can K.ENG provide me with the required Structural Engineers Report?
  Yes, we can provide this type of report.
10. Can K.ENG provide me the required Critical Examination Reports?
  No, we do not complete this type of report.
11. What is a Structural Engineers Report and what are the requirements?
  Please go to The city of Chicago’s website and search under “engineers report.”, for further information.