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K.ENG LLC is a full service structural engineering consulting firm located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. We strive to provide what typical engineering companies do not by providing cost competitive work with outstanding expertise, experience, and service for our clients. We like doing what we do and feel that we do it well. We continue to receive repeat business from many of our clients and receive a significant amount of new clients from referrals.

K.ENG’s experience working with a variety of architects and observing competing structural engineering firm’s business practices has lead us to believe that there is room for much improvement. We feel that we offer topnotch structural engineering services for both straightforward and especially for unusual projects.

We are licensed to practice as structural or professional engineers in following states: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, Texas, and Wisconsin. By utilizing the Records Program of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) we are able to streamline the process of obtaining additional licensure in other states on an as needed basis.

We offer these benefits:
Structural engineering consulting firm Our structural engineering knowledge is extensive, especially with historic buildings.
structural consulting services We are technically optimized. We use the latest engineering analysis/design and Cad/BIM software available.
structural consulting services We provide first-rate counsel working to protect the interests of our clients and to provide our clients with an economical and code compliant design.
structural engineering consulting firm We educate our clients regarding the engineering specifics as they relate to their projects explaining the ins and outs of the structural design, existing deficiencies, required permitting, etc.
structural engineering consulting company We work on a wide range of projects from single family homes to mid-rise office or residential buildings to earth retention to the unconventional.
structural engineering consulting firm
professional structural engineering consultants
structural engineer
structural engineering consulting firm
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professional structural engineering consultants structural engineering consulting firm